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Common Questions


Is starting therapy a good thing for me at this time?

Could be. Therapy is for the most part a relationship between two people, the therapist and the client, that works to provide insight and support in working through the many kinds of difficulties that arise over a lifetime.

Individuals can benefit from taking some time to attend to their own psychological needs, whatever they may be. There are times when we need to gain confidence and strength to understand why things are the way they are and how we may have contributed to the situation without knowing how or why. Taking time to look deeper inside ourselves can help illuminate the way forward.

For families and couples the situation is similar but with one important difference. All these relationships depend on the quality of our communication with one another in order to flourish. We need to be able to work through the inevitable difficulties that come up in all relationships. Sometimes deep negative patterns get created when people try to communicate and it is very hard to see what is really going on by ourselves. Therapy can definitely help us see what these patterns are and find ways to change them and thereby improve the relationship greatly. This is true for couples, parents and children, and other relationship dynamics.

What kind of therapy do I use?

I use a variety of types of therapy in an eclectic manner. I find that therapy is not a one size fits all operation. Over the years I have created my own personal blend of several kinds of therapeutic modalities that I find useful for me to understand and help others. Some of them are: Psychoanalytic psychotherapy, existential therapy, reality therapy, family systems theory, supportive therapy, feminist therapy and insight oriented therapy. The therapeutic environment offers a fluid situation. People are different and they are at different places at different times in their lives. So, the goal is to find the best ways of working with each individual and situation. I am always open and interested in feedback from you as to how you think things are going in our work together and if there is anything specifically you would like to change or improve.