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Mental Health Counseling Services in Bellingham, WA


Addiction of all kinds

I am a certified chemical dependency counselor as well as a mental health counselor, so I am able to work with dual diagnosed conditions of various kinds. I have many years of experience treating alcoholism and drug addiction as well as other addictive behaviors. Sometimes individuals feel that individual therapy for their addiction is more helpful than group situations, or a combination of both.

Relationships of all kinds

Helping couples, parents and children and larger family groups, to break negative patterns of communication and find better ways to express themselves and listen to one another is something I love to do and find very rewarding.

Trauma Recovery

Recovery from trauma is a 3 stage process. First a therapeutic alliance needs to be created. Trust is the most important foundation between therapist and client and is necessary for the work of healing. Next, when the time is right, comes the process of working through the past experiences. Finally, comes the period of making new connections with the community and the world as one is able.

Loss and Grief

Sometimes the loss and grief that results from a death or other loss is overwhelming and debilitating. Therapy can help one to work through all the thoughts and feelings and help find a way to survive without who we've lost. Sharing our loss in this way with the therapist, helps to resolve the experience and find new ways to cope and go on with our lives.


This is the underlying cause of depression. Life can sometimes become unlivable because we have lost our way and do not know the way forward. We can lose our belief in ourselves, in others and in life itself. When this occurs, spending time understanding our deeper thoughts and beliefs can help to uncover things about ourselves that we might not be aware of. Therapy can help to open up a dialogue with the therapist and with ourselves so that we can discover how we have arrived in this situation and then hopefully a way forward will open up.

Other things

There are other conditions too. Like anxiety, employment and career issues, religious issues, or some topic that does not fit nicely under a heading. Some issues are interconnected. In any case, therapy can help us to untangle and understand ourselves and our connection to others.
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